Studio Tour 2022 | 80s Vintage Synthesizers and Gear

My 2022 studio tour where I go through what I have in the studio. As I often have change things out and/or get stuff coming and going, not all things are set up in a permanent order. Some are not even hooked up unless I need it for a particular job.
At the time of shooting I was unaware that I could only use 5 cards in a video so I couldn't link to as many videos as I had hoped.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Juno-106
01:31 JX-8P
02:45 Prophet VS
03:11 Poly-61
04:12 JX-3P
04:58 Misc#1
06:22 TR-808
06:38 Misc#2
06:53 Wall of samplers
12:22 MidiVerb2
12:43 DP88 preamp
13:30 Patchbay
15:01 Misc#3
16:00 Audient ID22
16:15 SSL Six & Series 500
19:42 M-Audio BX5
20:54 Misc#4 & S2400
24:22 Misc#5 & Töörö
25:47 Fostex MD80 Tape
26:12 Misc#6 & MSQ-700
26:45 Wall of synths
29:31 Yamaha TX816
29:54 Yamaha Rev7
30:09 Korg SDD-2000
30:49 More samplers
32:03 Yamaha DMP7
32:45 Korg EX-800
34:14 Jupiter-8
35:06 Analog corner
36:42 Wall of stacked synths
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