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The SubZero Saturn-50VR 2 Channel Tube Head is a versatile amplifier head with immense power and two channels, each with their own unique character. The clean channel is clear and articulate, with sparking highs and resonant lows, whilst the drive channel provides a broad spectrum of saturation, from the perfect level of crunch with natural amp break-up to all-out metal tones. The all-analog design boasting 6l6s always delivers truly distinctive tones providing you with the foundation to carve your signature sound.

This amp head is the perfect blend of heritage and technological innovation. Thanks to the inclusion of a fixed frequency 3-band EQ on both channels you'll be able to sculpt great tones from the get-go. Unlike most amplifiers in this price range, the Saturn-50VR boasts an authentic, all-analog spring reverb. There's no room for digital here. Should you desire to tap into your inner rock god then be sure to crank each control up to 11! This head is the ultimate choice for those who like their tones and cabinet to sound larger than life! This bundle comes complete with a 2 x 12" Celestion fitted cabinet and speaker cable.
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