SubZero Saturn-5V Tube Amp 10" Mini Half Stack sound demo | Gear4music

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The SubZero Saturn-5V Tube Amp Head offers huge tube tones in a compact, portable frame. Simplicity is a huge asset for the musician that values a no-frills experience- just plug in and instantly lift your tone. Thanks to its all analog design, you'll maintain the highest signal integrity, ensuring larger than life tones without any compromises. Whether you desire sparkling clean tones or saturated break-ups, the Saturn-5V is the perfect choice for those who wish to enter the world of valve amplifiers.

Suitable for stage and studio applications, you'll be able to choose between high and low power outputs at the touch of a button, allowing you to achieve cranked tones at lower volumes. The Saturn-5V's durable design ensures it can withstand the rigours of continued use whilst providing a solid and consistent performance at all times. Enhance your tone today without breaking the bank. This bundle also includes a 1x10" cabinet fitted with a Celestion Speaker and cable.
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