Sun Ra God's Private Eye Live 1980 FULL ALBUM AUDIO

0:00 Cosmo Drama Incl. Private Eye In The Sky
32:52 Over The Rainbow (Org. Solo)
36:46 Fate In A Pleasant Mood
40:01 Cosmo Drama Incl. I Have Sparks / Happy New Year!
1:00:17 ApproachingJUNEdisapproaching
1:01:11 Halloween In Harlem
1:12:05 Cosmo Drama Incl. The Sound Mirror
1:35:26 Over The Rainbow (P. Solo)
1:37:59 Moog Solo #
1:41:04 Batman Theme
1:47:27 Cosmo Drama Incl. Saturn Rings
2:04:44 Moog Solo ##
2:08:53 Strange Worlds
2:16:28 Cosmo Drama Incl. The Satellites Are Spinning

A double bootleg CD released in 2000. The label name used is "His Story". All the material here comes from the Detroit Jazz Center Residency 26 December 1980 - 1 January 1981, which was subsequently reissued as a Transparency box set. Personnel above is collective, see "The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra" (2nd edition) for a complete analysis of who plays, and what is played on all these Detroit recordings. Some of the track titles above are odd retitlings. Space does not permit that analysis here. Even "The Earthly Recordings of Sun Ra" (2nd edition) excuses itself from this task! There is no overlap between this release and the Saturn LPs BEYOND THE PURPLE STAR ZONE or OBLIQUE PARALLAX.

[Notes from Christ Trent's discography in Omniverse Sun Ra (2nd edition)]

The full Detroit Jazz Center residency recordings are here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJdLUpGM4VctajM8sNCnc_-_4HuvPD6jt
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