Sunbuck Bluetooth Amplifier 180W Review and Demo

Sunbuck Bluetooth Amplifier 180W Review and Demo - I was sent this amazing amp, and it was perfect timing as my old 2 channel full range stereo powered amplifier was on it's way out. The Sunbuck Hi-Fi Dual Channel Amplifier boasts 180W RMS at 4-6 ohms, SD MMC and USB so you can rock lots off media, independent bass and treble controls, remote control, auxiliary inputs (important for musicians especially). It's very easy to use, tiny so it takes up virtually no space, and is a powerhouse at less than $50. Powered stereo components are a must in anybody's rig, unless you want to wear headphones all the time. In order to look more 'ROCK' I must crank it in the room instead of using headphones. It's just the way :)

...If you read this far you may notice I was a bit 'robotic' at the end :). I needed to cover a few more points but wasn't set up to shoot any video this morning, so I 'flew' myself in by re-voicing those parts, kicking back on my back porch, talking them into my phone. The beauty of AI - it has a way to go, but the results today are still pretty cool. 800 million cookies if you notice (or even read this far).

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