Super Conductor Demo // Insane Boost // Crazy Tube Circuits

Hey everybody!

In this video I'm demoing the Super Conductor - a versatile boost pedal- by Crazy Tube Circuits.

I show the 4 different boost circuits, their flavour and how they boost my amp into glory!

I call this new section here "Guitar with Philip"
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Here the sections of this video:

00:00 Intro Jam
01:15 Intro Talk and Description
02:59 Sound Amp Only
03:13 The RM Circuit
05:36 Thoughts about the RM & EP Circuit
06:41 EP Circuit
08:05 What is the MA Circuit?
08:57 The MA Circuit
10:44 What is the MF Circuit, Thoughts & Subscribe!
11:22 The MF Circuit

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Gear in this video:

Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor
Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Standard 50's P90
Revv D20

Contact & Booking:
[email protected]

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