Super Rare Audiophile Gear - Rick Brown of Hi Fi One - Part 1 of Million Dollar Audio System Series

Prior to visiting the home with the million dollar Acapella speakers, I visited with the people responsible for bringing that amazing system together.

Rick Brown owns HiFi One which carries some of the most esoteric, cutting edge audiophile products available. The legendary Steve McCormack was also involved in collaborating on this system with his own products by SMcAudio as well as working with David Berning and Ypsilon on these one of a kind amps.

This video will showcase some of those products and even more stuff you won't see anywhere else.

Here's a brief list of the gear involved in the video:

Berning Hi-Fi One edition SET. 20wpc OTL with Ypsilon silver wired external chokes in a 4-box reference amplifier

SMc/Hi-Fi One edition VRE-2 Silver Reference line stage

SMc/Hi-Fi One Nexus AC Power distribution and grounding enhancement system and Furutech V1 AC cable 

EnKlein Hi-Fi One edition XerXes speaker, interconnect, AC, digital and grounding cables

Döhmann Helix One Mk 2 turntable

Reed 5a tangential tracking pivoted tonearm 

Lyra Connoisseur 4-3 line and phono stage  

Lyra Atlas Lambda cartridge

emm labs  SACD transport, DA2 v2, and NS-1 streamer 

Stillpoints Aperture room treatments racks and isolation devices 

Ayra RevOpod isolation devices

The Sonorus Audio Proximity analog room correction system

Tidal Akira speakers

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