Super Stereo ambisonic decoder

Super Stereo ambisonic decoder for Ableton Live.

This decoder works with a custom algorithm for decoding B-format sources, such as ambisonic recordings or mixes. 

Fully mono-compatible and stable, this algorithm is perfect for conveying all sounds from the horizontal plane in a super-wide stereo image.

It is compatible with both speakers and headphones, giving a deep ambiance perception. It can also be a substitute for binaural (when the height is of no relevance).

“The front-stage material is reproduced with sharply defined images, occupying virtually the whole of the stereo stage, and that some sound position can appear marginally beyond the loudspeakers. Rear-stage sounds appear with rather less well-defined images between the stereo loudspeakers” (Gerzon, 1983).

The shape control is for balancing omnidirectional and directional material.

Available for download here:
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