Supporter Q&A #219

Here's the Supporter-only Q&A from August 4th, 2022. All comments and questions are fielded through the supporter service Q&A page.

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TIMESTAMPS (please assume all links are affiliate links):
00:00 Welcome!

00:17 Getting audio from TV’s via ARC

05:46 Raspberry Pi hat in 480i for TV & Movies? https://www.recalbox.com/

07:36 Mixing switches in a retro matrix setup

15:04 HDMI matrix with VRR & 4K 120?

19:14 Splitting MiSTer RGB Output for arcade cabs: https://twitter.com/dojooculto/status/1553413151596503041

22:29 My thoughts on repro’s

26:04 Why no dedicated RF to composite boxes?
Maybe this one too?: https://ebay.us/c0FPmF

28:55 3DO Suggestions:
ODE: https://www.retrorgb.com/external-3do-odes-available-for-pre-order.html
RGB Kit: https://www.retrorgb.com/3do-rgb-in-stock-at-retrogamerstuff-com.html

32:16 PS3 - SSD or HDD?

34:09 Latency testing discrepancy

37:34 Cloud sync gamesaves

40:37 Configure a GC to sell

43:50 Video card for VGA monitors / a BFI box?

47:13 Missing question?

47:34 WTF happened to my ceiling???
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