SURVIVING the God-Like Technology That Can Kill Us All | Daniel Schmachtenberger on AMP

Daniel Schmachtenberger is one of the most qualified (and genius level) people to speak on the catastrophic existential risks our species faces. Having seen beyond the veil of politics and big technology, he details the stark reality of the titanic threats that lie in our path. In this podcast, he lays out the fate of our trajectory if we continue without a significant course correction. But woven through the sobering realism of what we are facing is a golden thread of optimism. Though we are walking a razor's edge, we both have absolute faith we will make it. It is not a blind faith, but an active faith, requiring all of our participation to shift the culture and change our fate.

Connect with Daniel Schmachtenberger:
Website | https://civilizationemerging.com/
Consilience Project | https://consilienceproject.org/

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