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The SVS PB16-Ultra powered subwoofer is a true beast of a sub, with 1500 watts of continuous power driving a 16-inch woofer, but it does it with finesse and grace. It uses a massive voice coil and SVS' Sledge STA-1500D amplifier to control that large woofer cone with precision and accuracy.

SVS PB16-Ultra (Piano Gloss Black):

SVS PB16-Ultra (Black Oak):

The PB16-Ultra starts with the largest woofer SVS has used so far, a massive 16-inch cone connected to a giant, 8-inch voice coil. Powering that is the Sledge STA-1500D amplifier, which delivers 1500 watts of power to move that huge woofer cone.

The large voice coil and an advanced digital signal processor harness that power and help the amp, voice coil and woofer cone move together in perfect harmony. The end result is deep, powerful bass you can feel — the PB16-Ultra can play down to 13Hz — but also hear the subtleties and nuances of your soundtracks.

You can dial in that power and sound to match your room with the robust SVS app. It lets you dive deep and control that internal DSP so you can tweak it and make presets for different applications. The Room Gain Compensation, while not always needed, can help the PB16-Ultra sound its best in smaller rooms.

The PB16-Ultra is built like a tank, with no resonance to color your bass. It's a whopper, weighing in at 175 pounds, but to harness all that power it has to be. Its combination of power and accuracy delivers amazing low-end sound for all your movie, gaming, and music listening needs.

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0:00 Intro
0:33 16-inch woofer cone with 8-inch voice coil
0:51 1500 watts of accurate power
1:06 Rigid MDF ported cabinet
1:43 Analog Devices DSP
2:04 Plays all the way down to 13Hz
2:13 Inputs, including balanced XLR
2:48 Outputs
3:10 Optional SVS SoundPath for a wireless connection
3:25 SVS app for fine-tuning
4:21 Recap and contact info
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