SVS Prime Satellite Speaker System | Best For | 5.1 Channel Home Theater | best 5.1 speaker system

SVS Prime Satellite Speaker System | Best For | 5.1 Channel Home Theater | best 5.1 speaker system


Now here’s a speaker that’s going to deliver beyond your expectations! Audio Guruji presents the SVS Prime Satellite Speaker for Home Theatre Applications. A bonafide loudspeaker, the SVS Prime Satellite Speaker perfectly complements home theatre systems to give you a lifelike movie theatre experience.

Setting new benchmarks in rigorous design, high-end components, and accuracy in building a super-compact cabinet, the SVS Prime Satellite delivers sound quality that is detailed and dynamic, and totally unexpected from such a speaker size. It is easy to install and easily mounts on any wall or ceiling, or sits on any surface. But that’s not why we want you to have the SVS Prime Satellite Speaker. The fact that it is painstakingly voiced to blend with all speakers from the SVS Prime and Ultra Series lines and that it has the capacity to seamlessly integrate with speakers from other brands - makes the SVS Prime Satellite Speaker a clear winner.

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