Swedish Stridsvagn 122 main battle tank gets Israeli M339 120mm ammo

Swedish Stridsvagn 122 main battle tank gets Israeli M339 120mm ammo.

STOCKHOL, ($1=9.45 Swedish Kronas) — The Swedish Ministry of Defense will pay approximately $27 million to arm its main battle tank Stridsvagn 122 with Israeli M339 projectiles manufactured by Elbit Systems. The news was announced by the Israeli company, and the deal includes Data Setting Units. Elbit Systems is expected to deliver what was ordered by the Swedish Ministry of Defense by the end of this year, by January 2023 at the most.

M339 is a 120mm ammunition made to the standard of the US Army and NATO forces. The ammunition is designed for smoothbore guns and artillery, which are made to the same standards. According to Yehuda Vered, the general manager of Elbit Systems Land M339 not only meets the requirements of the Swedish army but will significantly improve the accuracy and firepower of the Swedish main battle tank Strv 122 when operating on the battlefield and hit different types enemy targets.
Yehuda Vered also said that the choice of M339 is another proof of the quality of Israeli products and specifically those of the portfolio of Elbit Systems.

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