SWFL Tech Net for 07/01/2022 - Summer Field Day Review

Each Week on the Southwest Florida Technical Net Ian KO4EFS & Joseph KM4OVZ take you on a Deep Dive into various Amateur Radio Technical Topics. We will, of course, have all the latest Ham Radio News, Contest and Magic Band Updates, and Local and Regional Ham Radio Events!

The Southwest Florida Tech Net... A Different Kind Of Net!!! To Join The Zoom Meeting (Net) goto www.SWFLTech.Net and hit the DIRECT ZOOM LINK Button at the top. Rag Chew Starts at 7:30 on the Zoom and the Main Topic Kicks off at 8pm. Join Early, Join Late, and Rejoin at Will... Everyone is Welcome! No Waiting Rooms, Lock Outs, or Sign Ins.

Please send Questions, Comments, Offers to Help or Co-Host, and Suggestions to [email protected]. I am always looking for Co-Hosts to bring topics to the Net! Shoot me an Email and let's set the date!
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