Synth Geekery 154

Lots of synth news and topics to get through!
#rachael #precr #behringerswing #mordaxdata
During the early show we'll be checking out Rachael from BlackCorporation, PRE CR from Feedback Modules, Mordax Data, Behringer Swing and Behringer Deepmind 12 App

Talk to me and our special guests live - plus our regular segments including Funny Side, latest music technology news from the Geekery, Ranzee's Rant, Name that synth and Ebay Scammers/Price Watch.

Video contents:
0:00 Early show
20:00 BlackCorporation Rachael
35:40 Feedback PRE CR
45:00 Mordax DATA
45:00 Guests arrive
1:00:00 Behringer Swing
1:15:00 Main Show
1:29:00 Funny Side
1:31:00 News from the Geekery
1:32:30 Frequency Central Berlin School
1:38:48 Error Instruments Mechanical Resonator
1:43:41 Roland Cloud Juno 60 Chorus plugin
1:50:17 BVR Instruments TS1
1:57:10 Roland Fantom-0 Series
2:09:00 Apple M1 Ultra
2:23:40 Tangible Waves VMIX10
2:25:06 Tangible Waves Compact Mixer
2:26:53 Behringer Pro-VS Eurorack
2:28:40 Price Watch
2:33:30 Name That Synth
2:41:30 Burg!
2:47:10 Writer's Block
3:06:00 Ranzee's Rant
3:10:00 Saturday Sonority
+ more

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Andrew Brooks:

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