Synth project: slow voltage changing oscillator useful for very low beats, schematic & demo

Please read the textbox. This video is a part of the video’s about the audio synthesizer. It was made earlier, but showed later.

The video shows a kind of overall usable oscillator that changes its voltage very (very!) slowly; watch the oscilloscope views. Reason: the high value capacitors in the (say) 1 uF or 10 uF or even higher capacitance range (R-C time effect). Changing the value of the 2 capacitors makes the frequency higher (lower value, say 1 uF) or lower (say 10-33 uF or so). Of course always solder them in the mimicked way to used them as quasi non polar caps.

That can be useful for all kinds of electronic purposes: measuring devices, vibrato oscillators, everywhere where a slow build-up and build-off of a voltage is necessary in an electronic circuit.

The actual frequency (slow up-down of the voltage) is set by the values of the 2 time dependent capacitors in the circuit, and thus other times can be set by changing them to other values.

They are “mimicked” non polar capacitors of a high value (say in the 5 uF-22 uF range) by soldering two electrolytic capacitors together in the way as it is showed in the circuit, so (+) to (+), so that we have a mimicked non polar capacitor, with two minuses (-).

You can also use non polar capacitors in the 1 uF range, no problem, that will also work, even better (more stable regarding temp and long time effects). In this circuit I used two 10 uF electrolytics, so back to back soldered each capacitor was quasi non polar 5 uF (10/2).

All the video’s about the synthesizer project are, by the way, here:
The more or less complete bunch of all the relevant video’s regarding making such an audio synthesizer is here: Elementary audio synthesizer: works & used, originally from 2014, schematics & more links in the description at this video. 4 January 2022. Crazy sound(s) box, it shows the basics of making peculiar sounds, works & used. 5 January 2022. Not used here, but very usable. Works and was used. Easy Square wave oscillator/generator for audio and higher frequencies with the TL 071 FET Opamp and only a few components. 8 january 2022. Not used here but very usable say as a measuring device or for whatever electronic use, a square wave and triangle wave oscillator made with a NE 555 Chip (20 Hz-20 KC). . Works & was used. A very basic organ circuit via two 2 transistor A stabile multivibrators (read: square wave oscillators). A good basic approach for many audio experiments, tests, etc. A one transistor sine wave oscillator (can be combined with the synth. project, works & was used). Useful everywhere where you want/need a proper sine wave for whatever purpose: test, measurements, etc. How to change square waves into sine waves. A 3 pole filter that works, was used, and will be used in the future. It shows the very basics about how to do that, with 3 principal setups (470N-100N-50N-10N & resistors of 1 K or 10 K).

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