Synthesizer Channel PCB - Audio from Scratch - Part 8

This one feels a bit less exciting than the vga videos, but an important step towards the finished product. I explain this briefly in the video but there has been a big gap between audio videos because I was having a rethink on how some bits would work. Rather than use 4 latches from an 8-bit bus I’ve decided to switch towards 2 latches from a 16 bit bus (which will need work on a new control circuit to drive it).

Still, I wanted to make some solid progress so I designed those changes directly into the channel(s) pcb. I had originally hoped for four single channel pcb’s but it was easier to make a pair of pcb’s with two on each.

No music this time as we need to make some changes to the circuit driving it, but the next audio video should give us the first playback with all 4 channels.

0:00 Introduction
2:16 Eda circuit update
5:32 Layout attempt 1
7:21 Switch to 2 channel board
8:56 Layout double board
11:11 Routing
20:34 Backplane
20:54 Unboxing
21:30 Soldering
26:11 Backplane soldering
27:23 Testing
32:27 And Again!

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