Systems Thinking in L&D will Improve Your Learning Solutions with Qian Feng- IDIODC Ep #169

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Well, it's pretty simple. Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee, IDIODC for short, is a weekly, live video and podcast used to help ID's with pain points and provide best practices and insight. Every Wednesday morning at 10 am ET, the upbeat and candid conversation encourages peers to participate in the chat and share their own personal insight! Often bringing on guests, our hosts Brent Schlenker and Chris Van Wingerden keep it real with objective points fit for people looking for 2021-friendly eLearning advice to better the L&D world.

Systems Thinking is the skill or ability to solve problems in complex systems. Hey! That sounds like a lot of the work done by instructional designers! Sometimes, yes. But not always. In many cases we learn about the learners by building personas, and we learn about the content from subject matter experts and the actual tasks of the job. But what about all the other elements that are a part of that learners complete, and complex environment?

Luckily, in this episode of IDIODC, Qian Feng joins us to discuss systems thinking and how it applies, or should apply more heavily, within our systems of instructional design. Qian will share her passion for systems thinking in L&D and why we need to look beyond our immediate circle of influence and understand the wider systems in which employees are working. We should consider other parts of their system like the culture, the norms, the org structure, processes, and more, in order to design impactful learning that sticks.

As an added bonus Qian will share some amazing insights from her work on the systemic exploration of the relationship between media and the pandemic from her recent report titled Going Viral: Fighting Pandemics in the Age of Infodemics. There are some insightful connections that will help us understand the importance of system thinking in creating our learning solutions.

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