Taga Harmony 5.1 Channel Home Theater | 5.1 Channel Home Theater, Budget 5.1 Channel Home Theater

Taga Harmony 5.1 Channel Home Theater | 5.1 Channel Home Theater, Budget 5.1 Channel Home Theater


The second version of TAV-506 is not just the same model as before with only a few cosmetic changes, but a totally redesigned construction, which brings this speaker set a whole level up in terms of sound performance. It is not only about utilizing the best components and design, the real art behind the construction is the final adjustment of sound balance, which is where Taga's acoustic engineers have shown their craftsmanship.
The final result is a smooth, detailed, and balanced performance with huge dynamics and rich, high-resolution sound throughout the whole frequency range. Add to this an appealing, yet classic design – Taga Harmony TAV-506 v.2 Set 5.0 Speaker Package is a perfect choice both for stereo and home theatre.

Sturdy & Classy Enclosures:
Cases are made from high-quality MDF with a thickness of 9mm (12mm front panel) with internal reinforcement hoops (floor model), which increase stiffness and reduce unwanted resonances. The shape of the enclosure has been made in terms of not only a great and modern look, but mostly just to reduce unwanted vibrations, dispersion, or turbulence, which could have a negative impact on sound quality.

High-Quality Speaker:
All columns (including a center speaker, and surround) use a high-quality screw, gold-plated terminals accept wires with cross-sections up to 10AWG, and the most common types of connectors (including banana). speakers.

Mid-range Driver (Front Speaker):
A rigid and ultra-light yellow glass fiber cone with the elastic rubber suspension can move very fast and frequently allow mid-range frequencies to be very rich, spacious, and sweet. The heavy-duty voice coil and Φ70 magnet can stand high temperatures and power inputs. The dust cap in the form of bullets improves dispersion at the higher range of mid frequencies.

Woofer and Mid-range Woofer:
Woofer utilizing paper cone and heavy-duty voice coil and coil former for increased power handling can play deep, precise, and detailed bass as well as clear, rich, and spacious mid frequencies. The dust cap in the form of bullets improves dispersion at the higher range of low and mid frequencies.

1” (25mm) silk dome tweeter with an oversized magnet (Φ70 in F model), ferrofluid cooling, and heavy-duty flat wire aluminum voice coil can handle high power and its performance is very accurate, clear, smooth, and detailed. Specialized horn-like, TWG TAGA Waveguide design of tweeter's faceplate utilizing concave diffusers supports equal and flat dispersion of sound in and off the axis of the driver.

Internal Wiring:
TAGA Harmony uses a high-quality internal wiring connection between the crossovers and pickups, which ensures that the incoming signal from the receiver or amplifier does not lose any important information on its way to the speakers.

This package from Ooberpad includes a pair of Taga Harmony TAV-506F v.2 - Floorstanding Speakers (floor standing speakers), a pair of Taga Harmony TAV-506S v.2 - Surround Speakers (bookshelf speakers), and one Taga Harmony TAV-506C v.2 - Center Speaker (center speaker).

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