TAIP from Baby Audio | A unique AI-powered tape emulation. Add authentic analog heat to your mixes.

Here''s the Loot Audio in-depth video overview of 'TAIP' from Baby Audio.

Get TAIP here: https://www.lootaudio.com/category/plugins/baby-audio/taip

‘AI’ is an overused - and often misused - term. But we believe it’s the future of music technology. It just needs to be used genuinely and with a legitimate purpose.

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For a hardware emulation project like TAIP, AI offers an alternative - and in our opinion more faithful - approach over the traditional DSP method. Where a normal DSP emulation would entail ‘guesstimating’ the effect of various analog components and their mutual dependencies, we can use AI / neural networks to accurately decipher the sonic qualities that make a tape machine sound and behave in the way it does. This happens by feeding an algorithm various training data of dry vs. processed audio and teaching it to identify the exact characteristics that make up the difference. Once these differences have been learned by the AI, we can apply them to new audio.
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