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Tal Sampler - Prophet VS The Digital Collection Vol.4 by Espen Kraft

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64 Sequential Prophet VS Sample Patches for Togu Audio Line (TAL) Sampler. *
The Sequential Prophet VS vector synthesizer, by many hailed as the best hybrid synth ever.
Lush, smooth, gritty, crude, the best of both worlds, the Prophet VS is extremely versatile. I have meticulously sampled all my favorite (and original sounds) from this classic digital vector synth and turned it into a pack for the TAL sampler.
I've multi-sampled 5 or 6 notes for every patch. Some of the samples are very long to take full advantage of the stereo output and dynamic animation of the oscillators, so typical for the Prophet VSs audio engine.
All sounds in this pack are recorded from the physical outputs of an original Prophet VS, through SSL Superanalogue preamps for the best audio quality. By me, personally.
Apart from a couple of drum sounds in the audio demo track, the audio demos features only 100% sounds from this pack. Some external reverb has been used on some of the sounds.

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