Talkin Vacuum Tubes With AL

Discussion about mostly television vacuum tubes with a long time tv tech and road trip to pick up a big estate of tubes

All original picture tubes will have a EIA number on them.

274 is RCA

1101 is Rauland/Zenith

332 ? Westinghouse

188 is GE

In my opinion the best and longest lived picture tubes go top is the best.

#1- Hitachi !

#2-Zenith/Rauland eia 1101

#3- RCA High Light Rare Earth eia 274

#4- SYLVANIA eia 312

#5- Westinouse eia 332

Rebulds in order

Color Video?

Channel Master



Problems encountered

Westinghouse- the HV came up to fast on the new magnavox T995 chassis. It would pull the cathode coating off progressively each time the set was turned on. The Westinghouse pix tube would go weak on the display floor!

Zenith System 3 sharp focus gun.-Arching snapping in the guns. This would wipe out the video driver boards over and over again.

Hawkeye tubes had a habit of arching in the guns. They had a nickname as the snappers!

Colorama- sharp picture but had hot bright filements and only a 3 year life before showing signs of weakness
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