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Enters the Tampco All Bender. That brilliant French creation offers the sound of those first four Tone Bender circuits in all their fuzzy glory without a single germanium transistor. The All Bender has been designed with silicium for a more reliable pedal and in order for every unit to sound exactly as Tampco intended, regardless of the weather, humidity and time of the day. A switch allows you to pick your version, between the acid bark of the MkI, the warm cushion of the 1,5, the harmonically charged screech of the MkII and the fluid, gain-laden Mk3. The gain can be adjusted individually for each version, and a tone control has been added for the Mk3, but the output volume is set with a general Level control.

The All Bender is extremely simple to approach, but it gives you a huge wealth of fuzz sounds that are guaranteed to satisfy even the most die-hard germanium fans. Pick your favorite and roll with it, or enjoy the luxury of switching between versions on the fly: Tampco gives you the keys to the Bender kingdom.
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