TAT - Kolster-Brandes PP11

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Country: Great Britain (UK)
Manufacture: Kolster Brandes Ltd. (KB, K.B., ITT); Foots Cray; GB

Year: 1958
Main principle: Superheterodyne; ZF/IF 470 kHz
Wave bands: Broadcast (MW) and Long Wave.
Power type and voltage: Dry Batteries / 1,5 & 90 Volt
Loudspeaker: Permanent Magnet Dynamic
Model: Rhapsody PP11 - Kolster Brandes Ltd. KB, K.B.,

Battery types;
HT. 90v Ever Ready B126, Vidor L5512
LT. 1.5v Ever Ready AD35, Vidor L5040

Reproduction Batteries: Classic Radio Shop:

The Bush DAC90a radio was introduced in 1950. This model superseded the DAC90 and uses smaller valves and a completely redesigned chassis.

The Bush DAC90A is probably the most sought after and collected vintage valve radio of our time. This is because it’s easy to use, it’s compact, it doesn’t need an external aerial, and it looks good and works well. Once restored, these radios are also extremely reliable and can be used every day without problems. It’s a four valve plus rectifier superhet with a well laid out chassis housed in a beautiful Bakelite cabinet. Unlike some radios, there’s nothing complex about the design. This is a well designed and well built radio, two attributes which result in reliability.
The Bush DAC90A Radio – Variants & Versions

There were several versions of the famous Bush DAC90A radio. The radios were basically the same but the dial glasses and knobs differed. The cabinets also varied from ivory to brown or black Bakelite.
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