Telesonic Pedals: Professional MKII Germanium Fuzz

I met Vladimir online about a month ago. A friendly pedal builder from Moscow. Pretty much everything I have tried from Russia has been outstanding. I offered to help him. Three pedals showed up on my doorstep today. The MKII was the first I tried. Zero disappointment. Easily one of the best Tone Bender clones I've ever heard let alone used. Must be those matched Soviet transistors. Here it is, my first jam with it, mistakes and all. Backing track courtesy @jtc_guitar. The partscaster I'm playing sports @seymourduncanpickups Five-Two Tele pickups - my favourites. @marshallamps_uk do the amp honours with the SV20H. I used the Normal channel at around 1:00 o'clock. The Marshall fed my X-LOAD Reactive Load Box (@fractalaudiosystems) which drove a couple of OwnHammer Greenback IR's hosted in the Axe-FX III along with its own delay and reverb. But the tone of that MKII - Whoa! If you want one I suggest you get your orders in soon as there's likely to be a queue. Visit @tele.sonic on Instagram and follow the fuzz trail. More from Telesonic soon. Rock on.

Partscaster - Seymour Duncan Five-Two Pickups, MJT body, Musikraft neck..other stuff.

Amp: Marshall SV20H Normal Channel

IR's: OwnHammer Greenback IRs (hosted in Axe-FX III via X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box)

Logic Pro X and native plugs

Video made in return for the pedal. (I just knew it would be great!)
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