Tesla FSD Beta 10.8 | Stress Test Downtown Milwaukee

➤ Rob Maurer stress-tests FSD Beta 10.8 in downtown Milwaukee

0:00 Introduction
1:17 Drive begins - waypoints
4:19 Waypoints resolved
5:15 Lane assignment
7:54 Roundabout #1
9:07 Hairpin
11:35 Sharp left
13:38 Right turn to Brady St.
16:30 Water St.
20:36 Early turn lane
21:30 Mid-drive thoughts
24:05 Roundabout #2
26:15 4-way stops / creep behavior
29:35 Yellow light issue
30:50 Challenging construction zone
32:38 Re-routing
34:26 Flashing reds
36:15 Tricky left
37:50 Back to Pick ‘N Save
38:47 Auto-park
39:46 Final thoughts for 2021

FSD Beta 10.8 Release Notes:

- Improved object attributes network to reduce false cut-in slowdowns by 50% and lane assignment error by 19%.
- Improved photon-to-control vehicle response latency by 20% on average.

- Expanded use of regenerative braking in Autopilot down to 0mph for smoother stops and improved energy efficiency.

- Improved VRU (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycles, animals) lateral velocity error by 4.9% by adding more auto-labeled and simulated training examples to the dataset.

- Reduced false slowdowns for crossing objects by improved velocity estimates for objects at the end of visibility.

- Reduced false slowdowns by adding geometric checks to cross-validate lane assignment of objects.

- Improved speed profile for unprotected left turns when visibility is low.

- Added more natural behavior to bias over bike lanes during right turns.

- Improved comfort when yielding to jaywalkers by better modelling of stopping region with soft and hard deadlines.

- Improved smoothness for merge control with better modelling of merge point and ghost objects positioned at the edge of visibility

- Improved overall comfort by enforcing stricter lateral jerk bounds in trajectory optimizer.

- Improved short deadline lane changes through richer trajectory modeling.

- Improved integration between lead vehicle overtake and lane change gap selection.

- Updated trajectory line visualization.

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Plaid producer Who Why
Executive producer Jeremy Cooke
Executive producer Troy Cherasaro
Executive producer Andre/Maria Kent
Executive producer Jessie Chimni
Executive producer Jeffrey Yu
Executive producer Michael Pastrone
Executive producer Richard Del Maestro
Executive producer John Beans
Music by Evan Schaeffer

Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives
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