Tesla Slayer 2 - The BIG Mystery

UPS brought some power MOSFETs today and I knew I was going to need a heatsink to put them on if I was going to generate much power for the Tesla coil.
I had an old Marantz MA500 amplifier under the bench that was broken and I decided I'd pull its heatsink out and use that. Along the way I realized that the amp has a couple of high power bipolar driver transistors. I didn't know if they were dead but decided to pull one out and try it in the Slayer exciter circuit.
Even with no heatsink the 2SC3280 transistor did quite well, so rather that using the MOSFETs today I put one of the transistors from the amp back on the heatsink and wired it up. I had nothing to lose, so I thought I'd wind up the current limit on the power supply and see where that went.
When I got to 32 V and a limit of 20 A things go pretty interesting as you'll see in the video.
I'm going to need a higher voltage supply later, but for now what I have is enough to generate some small plasma discharges.
Towards the end, the aliens landed and made things get very funky. I have no explanation for what happened. Perhaps you do.
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