Testing DIY Amp & Speaker with my Electro-Acoustic Upright Bass

In this VIdeo, I was testing this amp & speaker set that was ordered by my friend guitarist. So this will be used as guitar amp but not only for guitar but also all instrument. In fact, I built this for me at first as a bass amp using a tiny circuit board for audio system. I put a " Tone Pot " like guitar as he wanted.

About speaker, This is experimental one.
First of all, I wonder "why buffle must be heavy?" ... I imagined If we can use speaker box's vibration and inside resonance like musical instrument, that will sound much more natural. We need speaker as a part of instrument... This was my first idea. So I tried to make this with a similar structure to double bass. "Sound post" and "Bass bar" inside.

I know if we need 1000w output, this is not possible but for small concert, around 100w is enough. When we need more, there will be sound system with engineer ... So I don't need to think about high power amp system.

Sorry for the clip noises because of input over load. I forgot to adjust input volume level.

Recorded with TASCAM DR-40X

0:00 tone pot 100% opened & pizz
1:04 tone pot 100% opened & arco
1:49 tone pot 50% opened & pizz
2:48 tone pot 50% opened & arco
3:21 tone pot closed & pizz
3:50 tone pot closed & arco

Strings endorsed by SAVAREZ (model : Corelli 370M)

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