Tex Amps @The Music Emporium

TME Electric Staffer Dan King formally welcomes Tex Amps to The Music Emporium family!

Here we present two of Toronto-based amp builder Tony Texeira's amplifier models - the 20 watt Bernie Custom and the 5 watt, well, 5 Watt!

Tony has been building amps under the Tex name for years, with an incredible ear for tone and a keen eye for design and aesthetic. Simple and sleek, these low-powered combos deliver some unrivaled touch sensitivity and dynamics, combining elements of old Filmosound projector amp circuits with some Vox and Fender Tweed sensibilities.

Handwired with select components, these are built one at a time by Tony, and they show it! The attention to detail is beyond impressive, and the dedication to tone and craftsmanship is second to none. To say that we're thrilled to be representing these fine amplifiers would be an understatement!

Follow this link to the Tex Amps page on our website for more info!

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