That's why you should cut a HOLE in the HOUSEHOLD ROLL

Have you ever cut a hole in the household roll? - Here I show you why you should do that!

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Does it sound weird to cut a hole in your household roll? In this video I'll show you why you should definitely do it and what ingenious trick is behind it.

Because if the household roll is empty, then you should not throw away the cardboard in any case, but use it for this trick. To do this, cut out a piece in the middle of the cardboard. Then you push a garbage bag roll into the cardboard.

From the hole you should now pull the first garbage bag. For now you can always place it in your trash can, pull out a bag and put it over the trash can.

As soon as the garbage bag is full you pull it out and take it off the roll and you have directly the next garbage bag in your hand, which you can pull over the garbage can.

This way you always have everything ready and don't have to search for the garbage bags anymore. Try out this ingenious trick for yourself.

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