The 2023 Integra Is Fantastic... If You Set Your Expectations Right...

IMHO, most of the negative reviews I've seen on the Integra are based on a faulty premise: that Acura intended to create a head-on competitor to the Audi RS3 or CLA 45. In reality the Integra is what it has always been: a value play for customers wanting something a little nicer that's fun to drive. Aka, the "Luxury Honda". With a low MSRP, tons of standard equipment and liely low maintenance and repair costs, the Integra is as true to the name as ever. But that means that it's not competitive with mid-level trims of the Germans because its mission is different. Don't like it? Don't buy it. LOL

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00:00 - Introduction
00:47 - Design
1:29 - How big is it?
2:32 - Why the Integra isn't an Audi killer
3:53 - Drivetrain: The Acura with the heart of an Si
5:47 - Seat comfort
7:36 - Cargo capacity
8:30 - Interior design
12:11 - How does it drive?
18:21 - Final scores
20:27 - How much does it cost?
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