The Amp Guru 'Kemper/ Quad Cortex' Profiles are BEASTS!!!!!

Don't say they all sound the same, fool! Use real speakers and not your cell phone. Lol! First, Chris Reardon of Amp Guru is THE MAN!! He's hilarious and we literally chat throughout the week. He's created the BEST profiles I've ever used and trust that if you're using a Kemper or Quad Cortex, the days of finding your favorite profiles are over! Click on the link below and get your Metal Suite right now!

Amp Guru: Kemper and Quad Cortex Profiles
Use Code: crazylouis when you check out and get $5.00 off!

Voodoo Custom Pickups:

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Truck Driver Shawn:

► ► Huge Shout OUT to everyone who's helped me push forward with my YouTube channel throughout the years. My channel would NOT be where it is without my fam!! That's all of you!! Thank you so much for watching my channel and giant hugs!!! : )

About Louis:
Louis Torres is a New York based Hardcore/ Metal guitarist who formed DARKWRENCH. Has played with Sob from Merauder, was in Rampage with Mike of Candiria, founded Karma, was in Blindside with Jerry Ex, had a short stint in Confusion!, formed Out of Line (Brooklyn) and is one of the founding guitarists of Brooklyn Hardcore Band, Indecision.

NYHC for Life!!
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