The Badass Little Lunchbox For Bass! - Joyo Bantamp Badass Bass Amp [Demo]

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00:00 - Intro song
01:09 - Introduction
01:50 - Sound clip
02:20 - Controls & Specs
04:16 - Sound clip
04:44 - Controls continued + Cons
07:25 - Twisting knobs
09:13 - Conclusion & THANK YOU!

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Gear Used:
Spector Dimension 5:
Peavey T40: Peavey T40:
Dingwall NG-2:
Harley Benton RB-414:
Sterling By Music Man Ray34PB:
Fender Jazz Bass:
Seymour Duncan SJB3:
GK CX210:
AKG D112 Microphone:
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2:
Mixcraft 8:
JBL LSR305 Monitors:
Audio-Technica AT875R:
Canon R6:
Sigma 18-35mm Lens:
Canon 50mm Lens:
Canon 24mm Lens:

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