The Beatles - Daytripper - cover: Lead-, rhythm guitar, bas by Lars BC

Hi there.
In 2020 I picked up my old Höfner guitar 4500/V2 to record the guitar tracks of some of the early Beatles songs for my Beatles Project.
I recorded "Daytripper" in March 2021.
Amplifier: Pevey 110 , picked up with a Shure Beta57A mike. and recorded on a Fostex MR-8. All tracks mixed on Audacity. For this song I have recorded: Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bas and tambourine.

This rather ambitious Beatles Project of mine took form as I was listening to some of the originally
records. Much of the fine guitar play of John and George was almost mixed away, so it was mainly
bas, drums and vocals you could hear. Of cause it's been really improved with the new digitally remastered songs. - But sometimes they are almost too clean, if you ask me. - That's why I took on this challenge. I learned a lot about the difficult fine art of mixing music.
Please use good quality ear-phones or loudspeakers.
Hope you'll enjoy listening.
Lars BC
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