The BEST Deals In Vintage Hi-Fi Right Now! Treat Yourself!

Kevin goes over our picks for the best bargain 50 watt per channel vintage receivers you can buy today!

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We have owned and used every product we recommend

Kinter Phono Preamp

Fosi Phono Preamp

Pink Floyd 2018 Remix

Kicker speaker to Line level adapter

Recommended Subwoofers with high level speaker inputs
$250 10” Polk Subwoofer (with speaker level)
$100 6” Acoustic Audio (with speaker level)
12” Polk Subwoofer (with speaker level)

Recommended Bookshelf Speakers
Klipsch B100 bookshelf speakers
Elac Debut 2.0 speakers
Klipsch RP-500m speakers

Recommended Turntables
Audio Technica LP60 Great entry-level “fully automatic” turntable for under $150
U-turn Orbit Plus- Skylabs favorite new turntable with a 3 year warranty for under $350

Recommended Phono Cartridges
Grado 3 series- Made in Brooklyn NY since 1953
Ortofon 2M Blue

Recommended Phono Preamps
U-turn Pluto- awesome little preamp for under $100
Parasound Zphono- excellent choice if you want to try moving coil cartridges

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