The BEST Electric Guitar Practise Amp Setup!

Have a big tube amp and can't crank it? In the market for the BEST practice amp? Can the Two Notes Torpedo Captor X be used as a guitar practice tool? Watch to find out.
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The Two Notes Torpedo Captor X is a great recording tool but it also helps to create the BEST Practice Amp experience. In this video I share two features that make the Captor X the perfect companion for your Tube Amp and an amazing practice experience. The Torpedo Captor X Attenuator allows you to tame that loud tube amp while helping you discover your amp's true sweet spot. The Torpedo Captor X Headphones option is more than the name implies. It unlocks all of the features the Captor X has. Access the world DynIr Cab Sims, virtual microphones and environments through the Torpedo Remote app. It's the perfect hybrid model bridging a real tube amp and digital modelling. The Captor X is a Load box, Ir Loader, Attenuator and a DI for guitar and bass. It's an invaluable tool that will find uses in most of your guitar recording and practising workflows.

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00:00 - Video Start
00:33 - Who's it For and What is Captor X?
02:40 - Attenuator
04:49 - Your Amp in Headphones
05:59 - Torpedo Remote App
07:00 - Final Thoughts

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