The BEST MIYOO Mini Speaker Upgrade: An EXTREMELY CHEAP and EASY Mod!

We upgrade our speaker in the Miyoo Mini V2, and show how to do it in this easy to follow guide. The improved speaker will give a fuller, righter, and slightly louder sound and the best bit? It only costs around $2 on AliExpress.
The installation process only takes around 10 minutes, and we're pretty certain that even a child could do it.

►Purchase link

Here's a voucher for AliExpress if it's your first time buying: INF2WR7P

@0:00- Intro
@0:17- Replacement Speaker from AliExpress
@0:48- How to Change Speaker in MIYOO Mini
@4:02- Testing the New Speaker
@4:26- Stock vs New Speaker
@6:18- NEXT LEVEL Speaker
@7:18- Thanks

'The Air We Breathe' by Chris Huelsbeck, used under a royalty-free license, please visit for more info!


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