The Biggest. The Baddest. The Jubilee. First Look!

As if the title doesn't just say it all....It has been a long time coming since the underground Jubilee came to be... then more recently there was the announcement from Klipsch that there would be a new and official version, and finally, it's here. Cory with Paducah Home Theater has your first ever look. Your first video, right here on PHT TV. Check it out!

Additional comments/updates:
at 18:30 we mention Gillian Welch but forget to mention the song name. The specific song being referred to is Look At Miss Ohio.

Song in Sample clip:
Artist: 2 Kinds of Pie
Song: Bitter Custody Dispute
Album: Houdini
Recorded Mixed and Mastered by: Matt Whatley @ The Barn, Fort Worth and Combover Mastering

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