The Curse of Tarkov Audio (and other lies we tell ourselves) || Getting Tarkoved

The Curse of Tarkov Audio (and other lies we tell ourselves) || Getting Tarkoved

This video is about Tarkov’s audio and the Tarkov community. I’ll be discussing the history of Tarkov’s audio and the current state of sound in the game today, summarizing the game’s audio architecture, the aspects that are handled by Unity, the aspects that are handled by BSG, and the latest addition to the EFT’s audio - Steam Audio.

Topics include audio bugs like ghost sounds, silent footsteps, silent grenades, silent gunshots, invisible scavs, desync and netcode, cheaters, why sound on stairs is so broken along with different floors, what binaural sound is and how it works, and more. It also discusses the perception skill and active headphones, and explains what 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound is, what Dolby Atmos, Windows Sonic, and Sonic Studio are, audio compression, how they work, and if you should use them for Tarkov.

Lastly, it focuses on the Tarkov community, the fantastic content creators within it, including myself, who often get things wrong or don’t fully understand different topics or concepts, and how misinformation, rumors, and misconceptions can so easily spread.

This video is ultimately about truth, how we can know what is true, and not only what we believe to be true, but why.

Check out all of the fantastic content creators I discuss in this video!

☆☆ Chapters ☆☆
0:00 Intro
2:30 Part 1 - A Brief History of Tarkov’s Audio
6:30 Tarkov’s Audio Today
7:54 Part 2 - Audio Occlusion
10:04 Silent Footsteps
10:43 Unity Audio - Ambient Sounds
12:16 Unity Audio - Audio Attenuation
12:36 Unity Audio - Reflection
13:04 BSG Audio - Occlusion
15:09 EFT Audio - Factory Office Demo
18:24 EFT Audio - Dorms Demo
20:17 EFT Audio - Big Red Demo
21:56 Community Audio Bug Reports
24:53 What about Steam Audio
27:17 Comparing Between Steam Audio On vs. Off
31:19 But EFT Audio Used to be Better
32:52 Common Misconceptions about Steam Audio
34:23 Correlation vs. Causation
37:11 We’ve Had Audio Bugs All Along
40:09 Part 3 - Desync & Audio
45:08 Desync in Detail
53:38 Eroktic and the “Flechette Bug”
1:00:31 My Hypothesis Confirmed
1:01:06 Part 4 - Localization
1:03:39 3D Audio Technologies
1:03:52 Stereo Audio
1:04:02 5.1 Surround
1:04:37 7.1 Surround
1:05:07 Dolby Atmos
1:05:48 Windows Sonic
1:06:32 What should I use for EFT?
1:06:58 Why are they incompatible with EFT?
1:14:05 Hunt Showdown Example
1:15:38 Recommended Audio Settings
1:16:22 Debugging a viewer’s audio issue
1:20:36 Sonic Studio III
1:22:46 Third-party audio software is CURSED
1:29:09 Introduction to Binaural Sound
1:31:18 Do we have any 3D sound options for EFT?
1:31:55 “Tarkov has no vertical audio”
1:32:24 Binaural Sound Demo - Matthew Kerswill
1:34:31 Binaural Sound Demo - My own Unity project
1:35:47 Introduction to my EFT Binaural Sound Test
1:38:22 EFT Binaural Sound Test
1:40:01 Test Results - Binaural Sound ON
1:40:24 EFT NON-Binaural Sound Test
1:41:57 Test Results- Binaural Sound OFF
1:42:27 Test Results - EFT Community
1:43:17 Test Results - Literally random guesses
1:44:33 Winning and losing based on audio
1:45:33 Content Creator Use Case - Dinez
1:52:59 Content Creator Use Case - BreakinSkullz
1:56:10 Where does Steam Audio fit?
2:01:48 Part 5 - Examining Potential Steam Audio Issues
2:01:54 Possible Issues - Performance
2:04:21 Possible Issues - Ghost Sounds
2:11:02 Possible Issues - Grenade Popping Sound
2:12:29 What other issues are there with Steam Audio?
2:13:50 Why do other content creators hate it so much?
2:15:10 Content Creator Use Case - Glorious_E
2:18:13 Confirmation Bias
2:19:18 Why Words Matter
2:22:00 Content Creator Use Case - Vox_E
2:24:03 Content Creator Use Case - Veritas
2:29:53 JesseKazam on Reviewing Gameplay
2:31:01 Content Creator Use Case - Rengawr
2:38:11 Recent Audio Fixes
2:39:02 Changing Our Minds
2:39:42 Content Creator Use Case - Shouldaville
2:47:42 Why I Care
2:48:22 Part 6 - Even More Sound-Related Topics
2:48:39 Compression is Unnecessary & Likely Won’t Help You
2:49:58 The Perception Skill is Likely Entirely Irrelevant
2:51:42 Part 7 - The Future of Tarkov Audio
2:55:07 Final Thoughts
2:56:44 Outtro

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