The Desk of Ladyada - 5.25" Floppy Drive hacking!

This weekend we dove headfirst into getting fluxengine and our 5.25" disk drive working with the floppy featherwing. good news is that we were able to add support to Adafruit_Floppy and with a little refactoring, add 360K disk MFM decoding. we thought we didn't have any DOS floppies but we did find one in a pile (mouse driver). we then used fluxengine to read the data off to verify before implementing mass storage support. once we got that working we spent a few hours on C64 disk reading, these disks are kinda odd and not formatted like 'normal' diskettes - there is a different encoding scheme and variable sectors per track! we also designed a feather esp32 v2 and a smol handheld game BFF for QT Py.

The Great Search - small 'cap-less' headphone driver

For our tiny handheld gamer board, we want to have a headphone driver that does not require a lot of board space. even if the chip is small, most simple amps require output blocking caps to avoid DC bias on the speakers. but, now-a-days you can get 'cap-less' drivers, that generate a faux-ground. this makes for a very tiny board. let's find a chip that is small, but not BGA/CSP, that will fit nicely into our design

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