THE DJI Ronin 4D Review: ALMOST a camera revolution

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This review has taken a LOT of time to make, which is the same story for most of my reviews really! I start off trying to keep them simple but question after question pops up whilst making them which makes things more and more complicated, more tests, more emails to the manufacturers, and more time!

This one was particularly complicated as a lot of things weren’t quite right as it is pre-production and it’s also the most featured packed camera system I’ve used; there was just so much to go through!

I hope you enjoy it, you have no idea how happy I am to have finally finished it. Sadly, no rest for me as my video backlog is bigger than ever!

Thanks to Sarah Seal for the shots of me with the Ronin 4D in my parent's garden and of course to my beloved cats for being amazing. Sorry Percy, somehow you missed this one…next time I promise!

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