The End of Heartache guitar recording setup (50%)

The main tones for the album were a (version 2 or 3) Framus Dragon into a 1990s or early 2000’s mesa traditional 4x12 cabinet, and a 5150 into a VHT Fatbottom cabinet. This clip is just the 5150 side of things. Both rigs were recorded with an SM57 and an AKG C3000 and of course boosted with some sort of green pedal. Not sure if they used the maxon 808s at that point in time (2002/2003).

After having owned all of these amps, cabinets, and microphones I can say at least 50% of the tone was the 5150 setup, and that the main mic was likely the SM57, as almost anyone would expect. I mic'd the amp per Joel and Adams directions (basically 3-4" back from the grill cloth, on axis, then move around to taste). I wound up with the SM57 dead center (horizontally) and just a hair below dead center vertically. So not quite where the dustcap and cone meet, just a hair more towards the dustcap. The AKG c3000 is as close as I could get it to the SM57. The AKG mic adds some girth to the sound.

When asked, Andy Sneap said the AKG c3000 added a lot of low mids to the sound that he didn't like and that he had to fight Adam D on it during mixing but now listening back to the finished product he doesn't mind it at all.

The only other thing to note is that the AKG C3000 I used is an original model. Not the "c3000b" or current production "c3000" (which are both the same mic). This is a 90's C3000 which is most likely what Adam used. The “c3000b” and current production c3000 are apparently ass and not the same mic.

Lastly, this isn't a perfect recreation... I'm literally missing the other rig and the quad tracking element and.... well plenty more but I'd imagine this is pretty similar to the tone that they got out of the 5150/VHT setup.
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