The EVH Iconic Trilogy!!

The EVH Iconic is a great amp for different music but I'll be honest, I've haven't heard/ watched a single video where it sounds good when someone is playing heavy. When guys are playing early metal, it always sounds great but if you're looking for something brutal and heavy AF, then I don't hear it. I've watched so many videos where guys are making an attempt to play heavy and I still don't like it. I'm waiting for the 5150 1992 model, I'm actually guessing that one will sound great.

SNDWAY Digital Decibel Reader:

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Louis Torres is a New York based Hardcore/ Metal guitarist who formed DARKWRENCH. He's played with Sob from Merauder, was in Rampage with Mike of Candiria, founded Karma, was in Blindside with Jerry Ex, had a short stint in Confusion!, formed Out of Line (Brooklyn) and is one of the founding guitarists of Brooklyn Hardcore Band, Indecision.

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