"The Formosa Cinema" Home Theater Tour & Build Interview

Enjoy this deep dive into the Formosa Cinema. Kevin is an AVS member here in southeast Michigan and part of our enthusiast community. In this video, we take a look at his recently completed theater build, and he talks about various elements of the design and build process.

For complete and ongoing details, check out his AVS Forum build thread:

Gear list:
* JVC NX5 Projector w/Seymour XD 120” wide (137” diagonal 16:9 with magnetic masking panels)
* 7.1.4 LCR w/Triad Silver LCR, Surrounds w/Triad Silver Sats, Atmos w/Triad Rotating Silver Sats
* Bed layer powered by Outlaw 7000x / Atmos powered by Outlaw 5000x
* Subwoofers - 2 full marty’s + 2 VBSS’s stacked behind the screen
* NX6000 powering the marty’s + NX3000 for the VBSS’s
* DD + GG, clip and channel ceiling, IB-3 clip around exterior walls and double stud double communicating solid core door theater entrance
* Yamaha A3050 AVR
* Control4 automation

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