The Future of Power Speakers - ICOA 15 A BT 15“ Powered Coaxial PA Loudspeaker with Bluetooth

15“ Powered Coaxial PA Loudspeaker with Bluetooth
Series: ICOA
Pricing in The USA
amazon.com https://amzn.to/30jOb0Q
Guitar Center https://guitar-center.pxf.io/icoa

LD Systems https://bit.ly/ICOA15ABT
Adam Hall Group https://bit.ly/AdamHall

A genuine all-rounder for full-range, satellite, and monitor applications
128 dB max. SPL and 1200 W peak power

Vertical and horizontal use thanks to a coaxial design with rotating, BEM-optimised CD horn (Patent pending)

Horn-loaded woofer

DynX DSP with 4 presets, 3-band EQ, and delay function
2 line/mic input channels with individual gain controllers plus mono mix output; Bluetooth® streaming with the BT model

36 mm dual tilt stand attachment with 0° and 5° tilt angle, 55° monitor angle with a sturdy stand

6 x M10 flying points

Shock-resistant front grille for optimal protection of the speaker
4 aluminum grips with ergonomic, rubber surface

Extensive, optionally available accessories for installation and transport

This full-range loudspeaker impresses with its outstanding sound, even at low frequencies. The ICOA 15 A BT by LD Systems is a genuine all-rounder that offers unparalleled features for its class. Its coaxial design, rotating, BEM-optimised CD horn and extensive and precisely calibrated DynX DSP presets make this active 15" loudspeaker exceptionally flexible.

The outstanding bass reproduction from the horn-loaded woofer makes the LD ICOA 15 A BT the ideal choice for musicians, bands, entertainers, and dance schools. It also allows DJs to play sets without the need for a subwoofer. Deployed vertically, the speaker impresses as a satellite; horizontally, it's excellent in suspended systems or as a floor monitor. The efficient class-D power amplifier delivers 128 dB max. SPL and 1200 W peak performance.

Drawing on DynX DSP technology by LD Systems, the speaker delivers perfect performance with maximum clarity and power under all conditions. 4 presets, a 3-band EQ and a delay function facilitate optimal adjustment of the sound to the venue conditions. The 2 line/mic input channels with individual gain controllers, plus mono mix output, allow a variety of signal sources to be connected. The BT version offers Bluetooth® streaming and the wireless connection of playback devices - ideal for playing content from a phone or tablet.

Thanks to its shock-resistant front grille and ideal 55° tilt angle, the LD ICOA 15 A BT is also outstanding as a floor monitor. Placed vertically, the 36 mm dual tilt stand attachment offers the choice of a 0° or 5° tilt angle for optimally adapting the system to the local acoustic environment.

Extensive and smart accessories for installation and transport are optionally available. 4 aluminum handles with an ergonomic rubber surface provide optimal grip when carrying the speaker.

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08:50 Power Output
09:50 Comparable Models
12:05 Conventional vs Coaxial speakers
17:05 Benefits to Coaxial Speakers
19:25 The Cover
20:35 Is It Right For You?

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