The Hazards of Grounding & How to Ground Your Body More Safely

Grounding (also called "earthing") is a great practice; it’s an incredibly important tool in your EMF protection arsenal.

And I *know* that a lot of you use products to ground your bodies– or have at least thought about it.

And others of you use grounding tools to ground your EMF protection products, like canopies and painted walls.

But there are hazards in grounding– hazards that stem from your electrical wiring and the power grid.

Fortunately, there are ways to ground your body more safely.

And *that's* what we will cover in this webinar.

And to present this webinar, we're very fortunate to have Andrew McAfee.

Andrew is an EMF mitigation expert from Raleigh, North Carolina who runs the Home EMF Tracing consultancy.

After becoming electrically sensitive in 2001, Andrew was fortunate to have Charles Keen and Karl Riley as his early mentors.

Beginning in 2010 Andrew successfully petitioned the NC Utility Commission to order Duke Energy to provide a no-cost, non-emitting meter for its customers. And he was featured in a 2014 TIME docu-film "Searching for a Golden Cage" about electro-sensitivity and as a presenter in the 2021 web course "Staying Healthy in a 5G World."
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