The Healing Power of Mindfulness: A New Way of Being by Jon Kabat-Zinn | Audiobook & Timestamps

Author: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Narrated by: Jon Kabat-Zinn
Publisher: Hachette Audio
Length: 7 hrs and 29 mins
Language: English

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0:00:00 FOREWORD
0:20:22 PART 1: Healing Possibilities: The Realm of Mind and Body
0:22:00 Sentience
0:36:04 Nothing Personal, But, Excuse Me… Are We Who We Think We Are?
1:00:15 Even Our Molecules Touch
1:10:45 No Fragmentation
1:14:15 No Separation
1:17:45 Orienting in Time and Space: A Tribute to My Father
1:33:01 Orthogonal Reality—Rotating in Consciousness
1:45:41 Orthogonal Institutions
2:02:13 A Study in Healing and the Mind
2:25:54 A Study in Happiness—Meditation, the Brain, and the Immune System
2:42:01 Homunculus
3:12:03 Proprioception—The Felt Sense of the Body
3:20:10 Neuroplasticity and the Unknown Limits of the Possible

3:50:15 PART 2: Arriving At Your Own Door “I Can’t Hear Myself Think!”
3:53:30 I Didn’t Have a Moment to Catch My Breath
4:00:34 The Infidelity of Busyness
4:09:05 Interrupting Ourselves
4:21:24 Filling Up All Our Moments
4:31:45 Attaining Place
4:38:11 You Can’t Get There from Here
5:21:52 Overwhelmed
5:28:19 Dialogues and Discussions
5:35:51 Sitting on the Bench
5:48:20 You Crazy!
5:51:47 Phase Changes
6:02:15 You Make, You Have
6:13:16 Any Ideal of Practice Is Just Another Fabrication
6:16:47 You Want to Make Something of It?
6:23:51 Who Won the Super Bowl?
6:39:06 Arrogance and Entitlement
6:52:25 Death
7:01:34 Dying Before You Die
7:14:25 Dying Before You Die—Deux
7:21:47 Don’t Know Mind
7:24:40 Arriving At Your Own Door

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