The HiFi Rose RS 150B Review! Holy Wow! It's GORGEOUS!

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150B Written Review:

Denafrips Terminator + Review:

In todays video I talk about and review an exciting new streamer and DAC all in one. This time it is the HiFi Rose 150B Streamer, Preamp and DAC. I compare it to some heavy hitter DACS such as the Denafrips Terminator +, Chord DAVE, Weiss 501 and more.

I compare the streamer to my Lumin U1 Mini.

For under $5k you will not be able to beat this all on one for style, build or performance. This 150B has a nearly 15" touchscreen and can display a variety of VU meters, cover art and more. It even has an FM tuner in it that resembles an old school radio tuner from the golden age of HiFi.

I do talk about the cons as well, and why this replaced my Lumin U1 Mini for streaming duties. It works with Spotify connect, ROON, Today, Qobuz and even 4K video. Yes you can watch VIDEO on this streamer!! Thank you for watching!



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