The Jam Down In A Tube Station At Midnight riffs #shorts #shortsfeed

Lockdown Licks no. 253. "Down In A Tube Station At Midnight" by The Jam.
Playing the Bruce Foxton intro bass lick and Paul Weller rhythm 'stabs' in style of original. Using an HB35+ guitar into a NUX M8 amp set to 'clean' when recording the bass riff onto a loop station vid 1. Set to "metal" for the rhythm and bass on vid 2. I turned the volume to full on the rhythm guitar to generate some guitar feedback before the rhythm starts playing partial chord stabs around Am and G.

Down in the Tube Station at Midnight" is a single by The Jam, and was the second single from their third album, All Mod Cons. Released in October 1978, it reached No. 15 in the UK Singles Chart. The single was backed by a cover version of The Who's song "So Sad About Us", and the song "The Night", written by Bruce Foxton.

In case you missed me singing like a cat
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