The KINGTONE BLUES POWER! ITS A BOOST? OR AN EQ?!? headphones beware!

This is my go to pedal when i just cant crank the amps!

I am 100% a fan of a cranked Fender Super Reverb or Deluxe. Those tubes really need to saturate to give you all its potential.... but sometimes we cant play at a really loud level, but we still want the big TONE!

So, thats what i use the BLUES POWER for.... and EQ for the amp.

Its naturally a big boost by design, but ive found a few other benefits from it. This is how i use it as an attenuator in a way, or an eq? Or an amp brake, or a master volume. Who knows. But, i dig it!

Check out KingTone and their other products here:

Peace and thanks!
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